It’s the olfactive reflex of the magic coming from the “Dolomia Rose”, sublimation of beauty that turns sunset’s nuances in to the twilight of every desire.

A perfume for the woman who knows how to use tolerance and transform it into the strength of character to guide the intemperate personality of mountain man.


The mountain has beautiful and strong women, they tend to be more protective than seductive, contrary to the androgynous and masculine new generation.

Flourished Essence, intense, sensuous; intricate perfume, it takes inspiration from the intriguing attitude that evolves in kindness, to reveal the main female virtues.

The name of this fragrance is strictly related to the natural phenomenon of “Enrosadira”, in other words we refer to the property of Dolomitic rock to change color, under specific environmental and weather conditions, into the nuances of the pink’s range.