Lavaredo Gran Sport

An aromatic essence, green, aquatic.

In Summer, even in the morning, the air is still crisp and rarely it is possible to sleep without a blanket. The air flows in to the lungs, too easily, like a sneer in the face of insolence, it makes you feel the cold, that freezing the throat, reaches the lungs to then peremptorily hitting the synapses underneath the aching skull.


This perfume is the expression of the soul of the cold, of its polyhedral diamantine ice crystals, and again it is the impression of man’s strength that climbs the rocky wall to overcome his weaknesses. A fragrance suitable for the tourist, who enjoy outdoor activities surrounded by the mountainous landscape, or, for extreme sport’s lovers.

Even the wind plays with its same scent, together with the sweat and the smell of fresh cut grass. Regenerate your self under a shower close to an open window. What comes inside are the vapours, the scent from the pine woods and resins, the sensuality of moist soil.

A fresh fragrance to be used in large quantity, ideal for sportsmen. A perfume that refreshes, calms down muscle spasms, anti-fatigue. The scent that makes you feel on holidays.