Profumi delle Dolomiti's Story:
about us

Profumi delle Dolomiti

The passion for Perfumes and for the Dolomite’s Mountains, the place where 3 business partners are proud to be born, have brought to life this project with the aim to turn a dream into a scented reality.


The Love for the local mountainous landscape and the will to value and promote its enormous natural territory, and cultural heritage, is the spark that drives us in our search of beauty.


“Profumi delle Dolomiti” can be seen as the result of an anthropological research, through which we have given our interpretation to the territory and its history, encasing it into a bottle of glass.


Lorenzo Dante Ferro is the Author of authentic artisanal perfumes. His original fragrances are dedicated to a selected and exclusive distribution. “Profumi delle Dolomiti” are one of his creations…


3 essences, for the man who wish to immerse himself with elegance in the suggestive Dolomite’s landscape, for the woman who raises her beauty moving from a rose to another one, and for sports lovers, who overcome their limits in facing the extreme.

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